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TEA Health and Wellbeing Consultants are a small and dedicated team of qualified practitioners with over 40 years of joint professional experience across psychology and nutrition.

Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy (the ‘two Sarah’s as they are sometimes known!) founded TEA after years working in their respective industries in the proverbial ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. They found they had a very similar philosophy and approach to healthy living and extremely complementary skillsets. Wanting to be able to help people in a more proactive way, TEA was born and they haven’t looked back since. They enjoy working with clients no matter where they are in their journey. In other words, they are happy to be in the ambulance at the top or bottom of the cliff. They just want to help.

With a focus on psychology (think), nutrition (eat), and helping clients activate to change (act), Sarah D and Sarah P combine their proven, practical and evidence-based knowledge, with a very friendly and personable approach. They provide trusted advice and practical strategies to restore the balance to your life. And if you’re keen to bring wellbeing to your workplace, they offer a range of workshops, individual sessions and wellbeing programmes which create healthy environment and culture to any workplace.

Both Sarah’s are now regularly approached for their consultancy services, speaking opportunities and as experts in their field. They love to work with clients one on one and in groups. Providing the kind of service you can only provide when you are deeply committed to your clients – whether it is an individual client such as a mother, or the employees of a corporate organisation, or a farmer.

Sarah Donaldson (BA, MA, DipClinPsyc)

Sarah is a registered Clinical Psychologist who has 16 years professional, experience working both in the public and private sector.  As well as providing strategies and support for a wide range of psychological difficulties, her areas of speciality are mood, anxiety and stress management, burnout, exercise motivation and lifestyle change.

Living  and working on their sheep and beef farm, Sarah understands the unique challenges the rural sector face. In 2016 she was part of a select Expert Advisory Panel to assist with the development of a framework to improve rural mental health and addictions outcomes, which was presented to the government in November 2016. Sarah works closely with MPI and the Rural Support Trusts, boosting support for and promoting rural mental health initiatives.

Sarah has a real passion for physical activity, understanding the importance of exercise to physical health and overall wellbeing.  She has undertaken research exploring the relationship between emotional health and sport and completed her National Certificate in Fitness. Sarah has a proven track record in motivating others to incorporate activity into their lifestyle.

“I love inspiring my clients and helping them to achieve their goals through practical, proven and easy to implement strategies”, says Sarah.

Sarah Percy (BCApSc, DipGrad, PGDipDiet)

Sarah is a registered Dietitian with over 20 years clinical experience helping people improve their health through effective and enjoyable nutrition changes. Her philosophy on nutrition is to place a positive focus on health and vitality with real foods, rather than deprivation or dieting. Sarah has worked in a range of medical areas including cardiac, oncology, stroke, food allergies, obesity, hormone imbalances, diabetes and gut health in healthcare settings in both New Zealand and the UK so can assist in a variety of conditions. She provides practical and engaging education and support to ensure you can integrate change into your life for sustainable results. Sarah helps separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition, and provide evidence-based advice, so you know you can trust it.

Sarah will provide you with a practical food plan that your whole family can enjoy (in addition to seasonal meal plans and recipe e-books), and will deliver an engaging and science-based nutrition workshop to workplaces, clubs and organisations.

“I believe in long term sustainable changes to what you eat, so that you can feel as amazing as possible. I love seeing my clients feel the benefits of eating the right food for them,” says Sarah.

“Faced with the challenge of being told to lose weight, and having been on yo-yo diets all my life, I thought this is just another failure coming up. That was until I consulted Sarah Percy, Dietitian.   I found out that eating well is not a diet – it’s just eating healthy. And it’s so easy! The food I prepare now is colourful and tasty and you just don’t miss the bad stuff! My partner said if he’d known “dieting” was this easy, he’d have done it long ago. And have we lost weight? You bet. I’ve lost in excess of 15kg in a relatively small amount of time – and this time it’s sustainable. Sarah’s changed our life” Iona

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