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Sarah Percy (BCApSc, DipGrad, PGDipDiet)

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about me and how I can help you!

I’ve been working as a Registered Dietitian for over 22 years now, some of that time in hospitals in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. But rather than being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, I wanted to be a big, strong, proactive barrier helping people retain their health and be their best versions! So I went into private practice a decade ago where I don’t have the same constraints around how long I can see clients for, spend time preparing bespoke Nutrition Plans complete with actions, recipes and shopping lists that actually work, and enjoy talking with businesses and groups about how food can impact energy, productivity, sick days and more!

My big passion is in women’s health (yep, looking at you perimenopause and menopause) and also gut health (the trillions of tiny microbes that live in our gut and influence our mental health, immune function, weight, inflammation and digestive health). But I get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment supporting clients with their various medical concerns too, so whether it’s weight loss advice, heart healthy support or you’d just like to feel more energised…I’d love to help!

My nutrition philosophy is to place a positive focus on health and vitality with real foods, rather than deprivation or dieting. I’ve worked in a range of medical areas including weight loss, cardiac, oncology, stroke, food allergies, obesity, hormone imbalances, diabetes and gut health in healthcare settings so I can help you with a variety of conditions. My goal is to provide you with practical and engaging education and support to ensure you can integrate change into your life for sustainable results. Plus with all the noise out there in the wellbeing world, I really love separating fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition, and provide evidence-based advice, so you know you can trust it.

I love devising practical food plans that your whole family can enjoy (in addition to seasonal meal plans and recipe e-books), and will deliver an engaging and science-based nutrition workshop to workplaces, clubs and organisations.

“I believe in long term sustainable changes to what you eat, so that you can feel as amazing as possible. I love seeing my clients feel the benefits of eating the right food for them”. Sarah X

“Faced with the challenge of being told to lose weight, and having been on yo-yo diets all my life, I thought this is just another failure coming up. That was until I consulted Sarah Percy, Dietitian.   I found out that eating well is not a diet – it’s just eating healthy. And it’s so easy! The food I prepare now is colourful and tasty and you just don’t miss the bad stuff! My partner said if he’d known “dieting” was this easy, he’d have done it long ago. And have we lost weight? You bet. I’ve lost in excess of 15kg in a relatively small amount of time – and this time it’s sustainable. Sarah’s changed our life” Iona

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