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4-week online Nourished Hormones course

A 4-week online course where we delve into hormones and perimenopause to help you lose weight, feel better, stronger and more in control of your hormones and your wellbeing.

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The Nourished Hormones 4-Week Programme will provide you with knowledge and power as you enjoy 4 weeks of workshops, e-workbooks, recipes/shopping lists and Q and A sessions to answer your personal questions. Every week there will be a new module for you to delve in to including:

💜 Hormones – what is really happening with your hormones, common signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and strategies we can use to support our body and mind

💜 Liver and Gut Support – the importance of efficient detoxification and which foods in particular help nurture our gut biome and liver

💜 Healthy Weight – simple yet effective strategies to help with weight loss, fat gain, blood glucose control and a strong body

💜 Mood and Meds – supporting our mental health naturally, and when out body may require medication for hormone replacement

An express version of the 8-week Nourished Perimenopause online course for those who want to focus more on weight loss and detoxification processes in the body. No supplements you have to buy, no weird foods or restrictions…just plenty of delicious foods to ADD in to your eating to help you thrive. Your time commitment is ~1-2 hours a week…the best self-care you can give yourself! Plus you can do it in the comfort of your own home (in PJs if you wish!) and follow along live or do it in your own time so it’s super flexible. You’ll have your e-workbook and recipes for life, and recordings of the workshops will be available for 3 months.

For more information or to sign up, click on the link below to email me:

Sign up for the NOURISHED HORMONES online course now!

The next Nourished Hormones course starts on March 19th 2024. Get in quick as spaces are limited!

Course price: $199


8-week online Nourished Perimenopause course

This comprehensive 8-week course has been designed with many of my lovely female clients in mind… 

🧡 Gorgeous women in their 40’s who are having difficulty shifting some stubborn weight despite trying to eat well and exercise.
🧡 Tired women who are feeling in a brain fog with mood swings and anxiety.
🧡 Women who wake up with sore joints or a headache.
🧡 Women who get hot flushes, can’t get to sleep or have a reduced libido. 
🧡 Driven women who are over feeling crap and want some answers.

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What to expect on the course

✅ Weekly online workshops with a new module topic each week (Hormones and Perimenopause Symptoms, Liver Detox, Gut Biome Health, Weight, Heart & Bones, Brain Health, Stress & Sleep, MHT/HRT Meds)

✅ Plenty of tips, tools and doable actions to create meaningful and sustainable wellbeing changes

✅ Weekly recipes and shopping lists to support the module learnings, which will nourish and delight

✅ Q and A sessions every week where your individual questions are answered for tailored support

✅ A Nourished Perimenopause e-workbook chocka with valuable info and room for your own notes

✅ Expert guidance by an experienced registered dietitian with up-to-date evidenced-based guidelines and proven strategies to help change your mindset around food and create a healthy body and mind

Relax in the comfort of your own home (in your pjs if you want!) and prepare to be educated, inspired and motivated to make nutrition and lifestyle tweaks to enhance this time of your life. Plus, the knowledge and learnings can be used in the decades ahead to support your health as you quick fixes or bikini body promises, instead quality expert guidance that will stand the test of time.

The time commitment from you will be ~1-2 hours a week and you’ll be armed with a range of tools and strategies to navigate this time with energy and grace. Plus you can absolutely do the course in your own time, and take longer than 8 weeks if you want to (all workshops are recorded and material downloadable).

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The next Nourished Perimenopause Course will be in 2025. Email me to go on the waitlist and for more information.

Course price: $395



“If you can get a spot, go for it! It’s a great course, so much useful information AND recipes.” Katie 

“Just wanted to say I loved this session. So good for so many reasons.” Emma

“Thanks so much for all your knowledge so far! I love…how you send out the notes the go with the zoom meeting so we will have everything together to refer to at the end of the 8 weeks. I love how your recipes have ingredients we will use for other things. Nothing worse than having to go and buy something  and you end up using it once! I love you have shared lots of new information but also shared lots of stuff that has triggered my memory and I’m actually doing now. Your changes are simple! I’ve always loved your approach.” Hayley 

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Individual Consults

I love working with clients one on one to support and enhance your personal wellbeing through positive and effective nutrition advice. It gives me the opportunity to tailor a programme specifically for you to help achieve your goals, whatever they are – looking and feeling healthy, addressing a specific health complaint, gaining confidence, or increasing energy and general wellbeing. I also love being able to offer a group session with my 8-week online Perimenopause course, this offers great value and accountability.

Who benefits from a one on one nutrition consult? If you’re interested in any of the following:

  • Balancing your hormones (especially oestrogen and progesterone), and supporting your Perimenopause journey
  • Using nutrition to support your mental health
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Nurturing your gut health
  • Supporting immunity
  • Gaining clarity about nutrition due to conflicting and confusing advice in the media

Or if you experience any of the below conditions and would like some expert advice to support you:

  • IBS (using the FOMDAPS diet protocol to achieve improved symptom control)
  • Coeliac disease
  • Digestive and gut issues (reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticular
  • Weight management/loss
  • Low body weight
  • Iron deficiency
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Elevated cholesterol or heart disease risk
  • Picky eaters and family friendly nutrition

The first step is to get in touch for a 60 minute Initial Nutrition Consult, which includes:

  • A full review of your medical history, current symptoms and effect on life, family history of medical issues, medications/supplement use (if any), blood results (if any), diet history and lifestyle recap.
  • A bespoke action plan with bite-sized steps to achieve positive wellbeing changes for the long term.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Plan emailed to you after your appointment with individualised and achievable goals, a variety of tried and tested nourishing recipes that suit your lifestyle, a shopping list to streamline supermarket trips and a wellbeing checklist to support your holistic health.

Price: $175

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In a world full of conflicting and confusing messages about nutrition & diets, Sarah Percy is a breath of fresh air. Sarah has a wonderfully kind, compassionate, non-judgemental way of helping you understand how to nourish your body and learn to eat intuitively. She helped us understand why the foods we eat have such an impact on our physical and mental health, explaining it in a way that was relatable and easy to grasp. Sarah gave us guidelines rather than rules for eating, and focused us on fortifying our meals to improve the level of nutrition. And she backs it up with simple, easy to prepare recipes that the whole family will eat (even my bean-hating daughter, who absolutely loves Sarah’s Mexican Chicken Traybake). We’re incredibly grateful for Sarah’s advice and support.” Nickie

Follow up Appointments

Your follow up sessions will review your current goals and progress, and include the development of future goals and support to help you achieve your long term wellbeing goals. Many clients find 2-3 follow ups are beneficial in cementing the new learnings and actioning steps to improve wellbeing.

Price dependent on time of follow up (30, 45 or 60 minutes)


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TEA Health Warrant of Fitness

We look after our cars with regular warrants and servicing, and our bodies deserve the same if not better care. Once we hit our 40s and beyond, a regular review of our health can help highlight small issues before they become big problems. Join me for a Health Warrant of Fitness, essentially a once over to check on your metabolism, weight and blood results with a targeted plan to correct abnormalities or deficiencies.

I will provide you with a list of bloods to request from your GP and then analyse them for you with feedback on results. You’ll also receive a full assessment of your wellbeing with my bespoke questionnaire, plus a dietary review. With all this relevant information, I’ll create a tailored Nutrition Plan for you with goals, tips, recipes and meal ideas. Plus you’ll also receive our mini Wellbeing Retreats recipe ebook…think of it like bringing the nutrition of a wellbeing retreat to your home!

Perfect for males and females alike who want to take control of their health and have a targeted approach. Ideally this is done annually, or bi-annually so results can be tracked and trajectories predicted.

Price: $195 for the consult, plan and blood analysis (I am not involved with ordering or taking the blood samples)

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Plus check out my “done for you” seasonal meal plans and delicious recipe e-books to get you started on your nutrition journey too.



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