Personal Wellbeing

Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy love working with clients one on one. It gives them a chance to tailor a programme to help achieve your goals – for example, looking and feeling healthy, gaining confidence, or increasing energy and general wellbeing.

The first step is to decide whether your entry point to TEA is through the Think, Eat or Act part of your programme – or all three!


In Think, Sarah Donaldson, a registered Clinical Psychologist, will work with you on strategies and motivation, giving you the tools to work on whatever it is that you need support with. Sarah has a proven track record helping people improve their happiness levels, lowering anxiety levels, improve sleep, increase motivation and work towards a more positive mindset. Whatever your needs are, Sarah will gently help you to break through old habits and create new, healthful ways to live.

The first step is a 60 minute Initial Consult that includes:

  • An Emotional and Physical Health Screen
  • A tailored Treatment Programme
  • A Personalised Action Plan to meet your Goals.

Price: $155

Follow Up 60 minute appointments (as required) are $155


In Eat, Sarah Percy, a Registered Dietitian, will work with you on creating a proactive and positive approach to nutrition. Sarah believes in real food, that is easy and quick to prepare, and fuels your body in just the way that you need it. She works with clients who have significant health issues (such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, IBS, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, and many others) as well as clients looking to lose weight or generally know that they need to improve their nutrition to avoid health issues.

The first step is a 60 minute Nutrition Plan Consult, which includes:

  • A Health Screen and Current Food Review
  • A Tailored Nutrition Plan to meet your Needs and Goals
  • Practical Tips to Track Progress and Results

Price: $135

Follow Up 30 minute appointments $70


Exercise is crucial to overall wellbeing, and Sarah Donaldson is passionate about inspiring others to incorporate movement into everyday life. Sarah can work with you to increase your motivation, enjoyment and commitment to exercise, making practical changes to fit with your lifestyle. You can also choose the ‘walk and talk’ option which combines exercise with motivation and problem-solving ideas to meet your goals.

Price: One hour assessment  & Plan $135

TEA Trio

For people committed to a complete health and wellbeing overhaul, the TEA Trio takes the elements of all three principles (think, eat, act) and combines them into one comprehensive plan:

The TEA Trio includes:

  • Personalised health goals covering nutrition, emotional health, sleep and exercise
  • A step-by-step plan on how to reach your goals
  • A 5 day meal plan

Price: TEA Trio with both Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy for $275

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