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Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy love working with clients one on one to support and enhance their personal wellbeing through psychology and nutrition advice. Above all, it gives them a chance to tailor a programme to help achieve your goals, whatever they are – looking and feeling healthy, gaining confidence, or increasing energy and general wellbeing.

The first step is to decide whether your entry point to TEA is through the Psychology or Nutrition part of your programme – or address both with the Full TEA package!


In Psychology (Think & Act), Sarah Donaldson, a registered Clinical Psychologist, will work with you on strategies and motivation, giving you the tools to work on whatever it is that you need support with. Sarah has a proven track record helping people improve their happiness levels, lowering anxiety levels, improve sleep, increase motivation and work towards a more positive mindset. Whatever your needs are, Sarah will gently help you to break through old habits and create new, healthful ways to live.

The first step is a 60 minute Initial Consult that includes:

  • An Emotional and Physical Health Screen
  • A tailored Treatment Programme
  • A Personalised Action Plan to meet your Goals.

Price: $175

Follow Up 60 minute appointments (as required) are $175


In Nutrition, Sarah Percy, a Registered Dietitian, will work with you on creating a proactive and positive approach to nutrition that you can enjoy for the longterm. Sarah believes in EATing real food, that is easy and quick to prepare, and fuels your body in just the way that you need it. She is empathetic and works with the whole person to ensure balanced personal wellbeing using evidence-based nutrition research. In addition, to help ensure you gain not just knowledge, you will received a bespoke plan after your initial appointment with ACTivation tips to help make sustainable changes. She can work with you to help improve health outcomes if you have significant health issues such as:

  • IBS (using the FOMDAPS diet protocol to achieve improved symptom control)
  • Coeliac disease
  • Digestive and gut issues (reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticular
  • Weight management
  • Low body weight
  • Iron deficiency
  • Thyroid health
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Elevated cholesterol or heart disease risk
  • Picky eaters and family friendly nutrition

And also if you would like to:

  • Balance your hormones (especially oestrogen and progesterone)
  • Use nutrition to support your mental health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Nurture your gut health
  • Support immunity
  • Gain clarity about nutrition due to conflicting and confusing advice in the media

you’ve come to the right place, and we’d love to help!

The first step is a 60 minute Initial Nutrition Consult, which includes:

  • A full review of your medical history, current symptoms and effect on life, family history of medical issues, medications/supplement use (if any), blood results (if any), diet history and lifestyle recap.
  • A bespoke action plan with bite-sized steps to achieve positive wellbeing changes for the long term.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Plan emailed to you after your appointment with achievable goals, advice on getting a health Warrant of Fitness with your GP, a variety of tried and tested nourishing recipes, a shopping list to streamline supermarket trips and a wellbeing checklist to support your holistic health.

Price: $175

Check out Sarah’s “done for you” seasonal meal plans and delicious recipe e-books to get you started on your nutrition journey too.

In a world full of conflicting and confusing messages about nutrition & diets, Sarah Percy is a breath of fresh air. Sarah has a wonderfully kind, compassionate, non-judgemental way of helping you understand how to nourish your body and learn to eat intuitively. She helped us understand why the foods we eat have such an impact on our physical and mental health, explaining it in a way that was relatable and easy to grasp. Sarah gave us guidelines rather than rules for eating, and focused us on fortifying our meals to improve the level of nutrition. And she backs it up with simple, easy to prepare recipes that the whole family will eat (even my bean-hating daughter, who absolutely loves Sarah’s Mexican Chicken Traybake). We’re incredibly grateful for Sarah’s advice and support.” Nickie

Follow up Appointments

Your follow up sessions with Sarah will review your current goals and progress, and include the development of future goals and support to help you achieve your long term wellbeing goals. Many clients find 2-3 follow ups are beneficial in cementing the new learnings and actioning steps to improve wellbeing.

30 minute appointments $95; 45 minute appointment $125; 60 minute appointment $155

Full TEA

For people committed to a complete health and wellbeing overhaul, the Full TEA takes the elements of Psychology and Nutrition, and combines them into one comprehensive plan. By focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing, your daily functioning is optimised and you will feel more in control at what life throws at you. Both Sarahs are evidenced-based practitioners and will support you with compassion and kindness throughout your journey.

The Full TEA includes:

  • Personalised health goals covering nutrition, emotional health, sleep and exercise with individual sessions with Sarah D in Psychology and Sarah P in Nutrition
  • A step-by-step plan on how to reach your individualised goals
  • A 5 day meal plan, recipes, shopping list and wellbeing checklist

Price: The Full TEA with both Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy for $345

“Seeing Sarah and Sarah as part of a full TEA package, allowed me to review and make positive changes to both my mental and physical wellbeing which has improved my life immensely. Small tweaks to my current lifestyle, with practical tips and a tool box of actions I can take has allowed me to take control back. Thank you” Liz

Wellbeing Retreats

Imagine a relaxing weekend away, with like-minded women, at a gorgeous retreat in rural Martinborough to focus on your wellbeing. Away from the daily demands of life, make it a reality with a fully catered weekend Wellbeing Retreat:

  • 2 nights in a peaceful and luxurious venue with bespoke yoga studio
  • All meals and snacks designed to nourish and delight, menu developed by dietitian, Sarah P
  • Wellbeing workshops (example topics include Gut Health, Hormone Balance, Weight Management)
  • Movement session (these may include rural walks, yoga, pilates, hooping)
  • Retreat resource packed with recipes, wellbeing tips and inspirational activities to create meaningful wellbeing changes in your life long after the weekend is over
  • Writing material to pen your thoughts
  • Optional massage or reflexology on site (additional cost)
  • Free time to relax, read, nap or simple connect with other beautiful souls

Upcoming Wellbeing Retreats

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th September 2021, Longbush (12 minutes from Martinborough)

Spring Wellbeing Retreat with yoga sessions, hormone balance workshop and spring intentions session. Priced from $725 per person (triple share). Contact us for more details and a retreat pack.

“I loved the retreat, from the incredibly informative hormone workshop to the relaxing yoga and gorgeous food…I could have stayed a week! I’ve been inspired to include some new recipes at home, and have a few take-home messages to use when I need” Sarah

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