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Workplace Wellness Support

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of looking after our health, both personally and in the workplace. Never has it been more importance to look after our physical and mental health as we enter unprecedented times of the pandemic effects, cost of living crisis, worsening mental health statistics and being time poor. You can support your team with group wellness workshops or individual consults for specific staff.

I can work with your team by providing 1 hour wellness workshops and lunch sessions to your team, through to full day wellbeing training whereby you mix and match the topics that appeal to your business. Popular topics include:

  • Wellbeing Foundations – secrets from the longest living communities
  • Eat Smart, Work Smart – learn how to balance your meals for improved energy and productivity without the mid afternoon slump
  • Managing Stress – understand how prolonged stress affects us and what we can do to help mitigate the effects of prolonged or heightened stress
  • Gut Health – nurture your gut biome to support your mental health, immune function, weight and inflammation
  • Hormone Health – evidence-based strategies for a healthier workplace to support perimenopause and menopause
  • Corporate Masterchef – work in teams to make some delish creations designed with nutrition in mind under my guidance, and enjoy these as morning or afternoon tea
  • Catered Nourishing Lunch – sit back and allow me to whip your team up a nourishing lunch in my cooking demo, sprinkled with nutrition tips and tricks

Plus I can also provide one on one support for those with specific health challenges (heart disease, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes etc). This is confidential between the staff member and myself, and creates a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to wellbeing in the workplace.

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What my clients have said about Workplace Wellness Workshops:

“The results of these workshops are still evident in our newly formed Wellness Working Group, improved energy, wellbeing, functional capacity and engagement across the team.” Delwyn, ANZ manager

“Feedback from the team was overwhelming positive about both the workshop and your cooking demo. We were super impressed that you whipped up such an amazing lunch given our limited kitchen resources, it was totally delicious and a real treat for us” Kathrine, Rethink Accounting

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