Workplace Wellness

Together Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy bring their TEA philosophy (Think, Eat, Act) and health profession backgrounds to workplaces to significantly improve employees’ health and wellbeing.

The TEA team can provide expert advice and training that ensures your team have the opportunity to be more engaged and perform effectively.

A recent survey* showed that New Zealand lost $1.51 billion dollars due to absence, despite 46% of employees showing up to work despite being sick. The survey also showed a dramatic increase in stress of nearly 23% across businesses.

These are some scary statistics proving that New Zealand needs to do more to support its employees – not only as a legal requirement, but as a practical business decision as well. Healthier staff means healthier performance and capability. How do you think your business rates? How are you feeling?

Benefits to employees and employers of improved health and wellbeing are well known.

For your employee:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Less sickness
  • Increased understanding of wellness and resiliency requirements
  • Increased activity levels
  • Stress management for work and personal life
  • Work/life balance

For your business:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Increased staff retention
  • Improved workplace morale

Meeting your obligations for employee health

TEA Health and Wellbeing consultants are perfectly positioned to provide practical, targeted and effective advice to achieve great results for your business.  TEA can provide tailored programmes to suit your budget and timeframe.

TEA can tailor a solution to support your business and has developed a range of services that you can select or mix and match to suit your needs.

Staff Training

TEA can provide Health and Wellbeing training to your staff, either on site or at an off-site venue. From one hour workshops to full training days covering a wide range of topics and teaching styles, we can educate, support and provide practical solutions to enhancing the health of your staff.

One hour workshop – if you’re short on time or want a taste of what we offer, an on-site TEA workshop for your team can start the health journey. Staff will learn the what, why and how of a health topic as well as take away practical tools for sustained change.

Half day training – if you’re keen to delve deeper into enhancing the wellbeing for your staff but can’t commit to a whole days training, the half day option is a great choice. Your staff can enjoy 2 health workshops, a team facilitated session and your choice of an exercise activity or wholefoods cooking demonstration.

Full day training – when you value your staff’s wellbeing and want to arm them with a range of skills and education to protect and enhance their health, our full day training will deliver. With 3 health workshops, an extended team session to integrate change into the workplace, exercise activity, wholefoods cooking demonstration, stress reduction activity and time for reflection over the day, this is the big kahuna!

Resilience Optimiser – our bespoke health and wellbeing questionnaire will provide a detailed snapshot of staff’s current health and functioning. There is also an opportunity to screen for staff showing signs of psychological distress with follow up psychological consultation available. With a report back to management covering general themes and staff receiving a report outlining suggested health changes, this is a great addon to any of our training packages.

Themes that can be included in your programme:

  • Wellbeing and resiliency
  • Healthy thinking
  • Eat smart,work smart
  • Master theart of sleeping
  • Managing stress during busy times
  • Practical nutrition for life
  • Gut health

What our customers say about it:

“The results of this workshop are still evident in our newly formed Wellness Working Group, improved energy, wellbeing, functional capacity and engagement across the team.”

ANZ manager

“Great session and very knowledgeable presenters. Really good balance of science vs application, practical and very valuable to team members and individuals.”

South Wairarapa Vets staff member

Wellness Reviews

Our in-house Clinical Psychologist can work with individual staff members to guide them through work or personal challenges. Quarterly reviews provide a regular opportunity for staff to discuss current functioning, proactively manage challenges within the workplace, and have support from a trusted and relatable health professional. Priced from $155+GST

“As a professional it can be easy to get lost in the grind and have work issues take on the size of mountains. Sarah has helped me recognise realistic thinking vs negative non-productive loops. Regular wellness checks encourage me to re-focus on what is important to me, which in turn ensures I make time for what is important.”

Michelle, Business Owner

Health & Wellness Programmes

TEA can provide support to develop your own Health & Wellness programme or review your current programme. Developing a meaningful Health & Wellness programme can mean the different between staff engagement and increased productivity rather than continued disengagement and stressed people. Current state of your team’s wellbeing and skills.

Perfect to work alongside your HR department, or in smaller firms with the operator, to provide guidance and support on prioritising effective and long-lasting changes to enhance the overall wellbeing of your organisation.

Consultancy Service

Looking for inspiration or expert content for resources or publications? TEA are happy to provide consultation or content to suit your needs. Talk to us about your particular requirements.

* The Southern Cross Health Society-BusinessNZ Wellness in the Workplace Survey reflecting results from 2016. 109 enterprises took part, representing 93,000 employees (almost 5% of New Zealand’s employees). You can find the full survey results here –

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