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Tea Retreats is now Eat Nutrition!

I am super excited about continuing to provide my wonderful clients with evidence-based Nutrition Support! This can be done through individual consults (in-person or Zoom), my 8-week online Perimenopause course, workplace wellness workshops and through my recipe and wellbeing e-books available here.


Not sure if you need a Dietitian, or whether my clients experience a benefit though? I am a positive nutrition practitioner meaning I don’t tend to recommend diets or deprivation, but focus on all the great foods you can include in your eating, plus I love the social aspects of shared meals and having a positive relationship with food. Check out just some of the lovely testimonials I have received:

 “I have felt quite a change since including the things you suggested. And I don’t feel any pain from the gallstones anymore, whereas I usually sit around a 2 or 3 out of 10 on a regular basis. So thank you for all of your help so far. It has incredibly valuable information to put into practice.” Tania

“Thank you for all your wonderful support on my journey. I am happy to report that my relationship with food has never been better” Sarah

“We love our sessions with you and always get so much out of them. I think so many of our business owners need to hear your messages.” Kathrine


I can’t wait to work with you! Find out more about me here, individual nutrition consults here, workplace wellness here and all my ebooks here. Sarah x


Even though Eat Nutrition focuses on food and nutrition, you can still book your appointment in PSYCHOLOGY and find out more about holistic WORKPLACE WELLBEING here:

PSYCHOLOGY with Sarah Donaldson:


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