TEA Health and Wellbeing is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations achieve their health and wellbeing goals in the private, corporate and rural sectors.

The TEA philosophy is based on the three principles of think, eat, act.


is about your mindset, motivation and confidence.


is about nourishing your body and soul from the inside out.


is about moving your body to improve both your body and mind.

Recognised as experts in their fields, Sarah Donaldson and Sarah Percy are committed to providing practical, proven, down-to-earth, advice about how to improve your health and wellbeing.

Whether you are an individual just starting out on your own personal journey or you part of an organisation, you are in the right place. TEA can work with you individually on a one to one basis, or in group settings, such as training or speaking engagements.

We implement the TEA philosophy in three areas.


For individuals wanting one on one support…

…check out what we offer


For organisations who want to support their employees… …check out what we offer.

If you have an individual employee you want to provide with support, see what we offer for individuals


If you are part of the rural community…

…check out what we offer

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