Spiced Pumpkin and Chocolate Muffins – nostalgic foods for the body and soul

Spiced Pumpkin and Chocolate Muffin

Isn’t it amazing how food and smells can trigger memories from way back when? I grew up in Christchurch during the 80’s and early 90’s and a regular pit stop was the cafe at the Art’s Centre – especially their Spiced Pumpkin and Chocolate muffins. It was a revelation to me, and perhaps was a […]

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Coffee lovers rejoice…(kind of)!

Health superstar or liver-loading villain? What’s the deal with coffee? Some people say it’s a health superstar, while others say it’s a liver-loading villain. Who do we believe and should we drink it or not? Firstly, coffee contains both soluble fibre and plenty of polyphenolic compounds, both are super beneficial for our health. I’m a […]

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Nurturing Wellness: Are you getting enough of the Sunshine Vitamin?

winter sunshine

Here’s a crazy fact… about 35-50% of New Zealanders are NOT getting enough vitamin D (they either have a deficiency or sub-optimal levels). That is over 2 million New Zealanders! Women tend to have lower levels than men, those with darker skin tend to have lower levels than those with lighter skin, and during winter […]

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Super Easy Greens Bowl

Super Easy Greens Bowl

. Sick and tired of the same old lunch? Want some flavour but can’t be faffed spending ages cooking? Well, this Super Easy Greens Bowl ticks all the boxes. And best of all, you can use whatever you have lurking in your fridge…feel free to substitute any of the ingredients below for options you prefer […]

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Anti-inflammatory Golden Milk

Have you ever enjoyed a delicious turmeric latte or chai milk drink at a cafe? These golden milk drinks are full of spices (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper etc) which not only tase great but are anti-inflammatory for the body too. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, they are becoming more mainstream AND are super easy […]

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Springtime Crispy Chicken Wraps

crispy chicken

If you’re after a fresh, yet delish, and easy dinner option…look no further than our Springtime Crispy Chicken Wraps. They were a hit with my whole family and can be easily customised too. Yum! . This was a “make it up as you go along” meal, throwing in bits and pieces as I went…but I […]

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Easy Tomato and Thyme Tart

Tomato and Thyme Tart

Light and Delicious If you’re after a delicious but light lunch or dinner option, this Tomato and Thyme Tart makes a super simple and lovely meal when served with a salad. It’s also great as a wee pre-dinner snack if you’re so inclined! Making use of ripe tomatoes and teamed with fresh thyme, zingy feta […]

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Spiced Coconut Dhal

Bowl of Spiced Coconut Dhal

. “Yum. Great dhal, darl” Jokes aside, dhal (a staple Indian dish) is packed with flavour and nutrition, and is a great option when you need to feed a crowd. Our Spiced Coconut Dhal make 4 generous serves, plus there are leftovers for a couple of lunches…perfect if you’re heading back to work after the […]

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Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

sunshine smoothie bowl

For a relaxed and fresh start to the day (especially great for a leisurely weekend brunch), enjoy our Sunshine Smoothie Bowl. Packed with colourful fruits, healthy fats, protein to satisfy, and being oh so pretty, it’s a lovely way to kickstart your day. It’s basically a thick smoothie (so thick that you can eat it […]

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Simple tips to protect your Mental Wellbeing

Women looking stressed at home

You may be experiencing anxiety, anger, fear, contentment or any other emotion as we navigate through this Covid-19 storm (and lockdown in New Zealand and parts of Australia). These are all normal reactions to an abnormal situation. And despite us all travelling through the same Covid storm, we’re on different vessels…some are on luxury liners […]

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