Move It Mama Gut Health Plan

Magnified gut bacteria
Magnified and coloured microbes in our gut (don’t worry they’re not that brightly coloured normally!)

I had the pleasure of talking Gut Health on a Facebook LIVE with Move It Mama last night. It’s so awesome being able to chat about nutrition although not seeing my audience is pretty challenging for me! I find I usually get lots of energy from seeing people’s faces light up when they’re really interested in a topic…yay for comments and engagement on the post, as well as Lisa and Jess asking questions and chatting away 🙂


We chatted about microbes, the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, how to test someone’s microbiome (sorry if you were eating your dinner!!), lifestyle factors that can impact gut health and how powerful nutrition is in terms of improving our gut biome diversity. It is a MASSIVE topic and we barely scratched the surface…plus there isn’t a one size fits all in terms of gut health. We naturally have our own individualised gut biome, plus many of us can’t necessarily tolerate all the probiotic and prebiotic foods I discussed. If you’d like to learn more about a tailored plan for YOUR gut biome, get in touch for a clinic or Zoom consult, I’d love to help!


Gut Health Action Plan

Here’s my Move It Mama Gut Health Action Plan to help nurture your gut and improve it’s diversity. If you want some more food ideas to help, our Autumn Meal plan is chokka full of plant based recipes to enhance your gut health…available here.

Gut Health Action Plan title page


Nutrition info

Gut Health Action Plan nutrition


Environment info

Gut Health Action Plan environment


Downtime info

Gut health Action Plan downtime


Look after your gut, and your gut will look after you! Remember a healthy gut can affect many areas of our health – mood, immune function, weight, intestinal permeability, hormones and more. Sarah x

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